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The Textron family empowers adventurers, explorers and warriors all over the world with advanced machines. And we’re proud to be part of the family. That legacy of power, performance and precision engineering is built into every Textron Off Road vehicle.


Everybody’s got a family tree.

Ours started in 2003, in Natchez, Miss. We built all-electric and hybrid gas/electric 4WD vehicles under the name Bad Boy®, and gained a reputation among serious hunters for stealth, off-road performance.

In 2010, the family changed. We became part of Textron Inc., a Fortune 500 company known worldwide for its powerful brands that serve this nation’s military and its boldest adventurers. The power, performance and precision that go into Bell® helicopters, Cessna® aircraft and more were now part of our story, and the key to our future.

In 2016, we made the family proud with our first all-gas vehicle, the revolutionary 80HP Stampede side-by-side. It came off the line and changed the landscape. Huge power. Untouchable performance. And a renewal of our purpose: to fuel the independent outdoorsman with a superior vehicle.

By 2017, we were ready to wear the family name proudly on our sleeve, so we became known as Textron Off Road. Then, we grew like never before when Arctic Cat’s renowned line of ATVs and side-by-sides became part of Textron Off Road.

Together, and with the legacy of Textron, we are proud of our past and driven by our future. And we are built on power, performance and precision engineering. It’s a family tradition.


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